Redesigning Delivery

Mobile Product Design

Introducing a new level of control. No more missed deliveries, no more stolen packages. Schedule a 1-hour delivery window, 7 days a week, to receive your packages when you’re actually home.

I came onboard Doorman in the very beginning to lead the company's design and user experience. This project started with pen and paper and was tumbled through many iterations until the app was polished. The results was a beautifully intuitive delivery experience fit for the modern world.

Product Design Doorman Mobile iOS App Preview by Zach Krasner


Doorman’s intent is to make package delivery seamless by removing the frustration and anxiety often associated with receiving deliveries through traditional couriers.

How Doorman Works

How Doorman Works
Product Design Doorman Mobile iOS App Preview by Zach Krasner - Home Screen
Defining Problems and Goals

Understanding User Priorities

Why will a user be using the app, and what will they instinctively do? In context, the user receives a text message alerting them that a package has arrived to Doorman and is ready for scheduling.

See Available Packages

In an everyday Amazon world, it’s important to know what exactly has arrived.

Delivery Tracking

Provide transparency to the process with micro-updates and delivery driver information.

Change Delivery Address

Sometimes the user’s not home and needs the package delivered somewhere else.

See Doorman Addresses

Easy access to the user’s personal Doorman Address in order to ship things.

Schedule a Delivery

Let the user tell us when a convenient time and place is for delivery. Rescheduling, too.

Shipping Package Pickup

In addition to delivery, users can also request the driver pickups outbound parcels.

Payments / Plan Subscription

Provide pricing information on payment plans, benefits, and restrictions.

Establishing Trust

As a new process, the visuals and copy must convey trust and friendly professionalism.

Doorman App User Flow

First, Sending to Doorman

Each new user is presented to a beautiful screen with their new, personalized Doorman address for each city Doorman services.

Doorman Address Screen Mockups by Zach Krasner

What's Important?

Seeing who the sender is? UPS/FedEx routing information? A picture of the package? Scheduling a delivery? We've all been in a meeting hearing "Don't forget about..." and "What if we showed..." and "And it's super critical that..."

When leading any design project, feature prioritization is important.

Prototypes, whether high-level Marvel or InVision projects, or in-depth high-fidelity animated examples allow me to translate details correctly to the team. By balancing the user’s anticipated next steps alongside useful secondary information, multiple important pieces are able to be presented intuitively in an organized manner.

Easy Scheduling

Show the users their packages along with the delivery information. Standing alone, the concept is simple. It’s important, but is it more important than immediately allowing the user to get their packages?

Doorman iOS Package Card Designs by Zach Krasner

Packaging Secondary Components

Examples of important secondary information like plan usage and upgrade options—easily accessible and visually unintimidating.

Doorman App Plan Screen Design Mockups by Zach Krasner
Doorman Silver App Subscription Plan Design Mockup by Zach Krasner
Doorman Menu Mockups
Doorman Delivery Address Mockups

Behind the Scenes

Pen and paper are a designer’s best friend, but I've made a few close seconds. Rapid iteration is key in most stages of design, and clearly conveying ideas is critical to moving the whole team forward.

Zach Krasner's Design Tools
Design Iterations by Zach Krasner

Branding Retailers

One of the biggest selling points design offered was that brands could offer interactions with the user even after they were shopping. Having beautiful mockups opened many doors for sales to talk to retailers. While I cannot fully release this project as of yet, this preview addressed this challenge by offering a new web-based Doorman experience.

Design Iterations by Zach Krasner


The final product was a beautifully redesigned, easy-to-manage delivery experience for our users. This was backed by wonderfully positive user feedback and a number of app metrics—the app’s Net Promoter Score surged to 85/100 (FedEx and UPS hover in the low 30s), our monthly retention rate hit above 95%, and shopping behavior doubled for retained users over 6 months.

Doorman Thank You Screen by Zach Krasner